Family Self Defence! Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide

Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide

How to protect your family, survive and have the best self defence ever.

You’ll be able defend against any attacker,
or even multiple armed attackers…


First thing first, conditioning is very important. Conditioning refers to practicing and acquiring reflexes for battle. The more you practice different moves, the more they will come naturally to you and will be performed correctly during the fight. Your brain will learn the move and will do it almost without you controlling it. This comes with a lot of practice, thus having a regime of training on a daily basis is essential.

Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide 1

Could Cost You the Life of
Someone You Love.


Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide


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 Conditioning is not necessarily linked to your physical shape. True, people who are not in shape will tense harder and will thus get tired very quickly. However most violent encounters actually last only a few seconds. The build up to it takes a lot longer, but generally that doesn’t require physical effort.

 Which in turn leads to the most important aspect of all: controlling your emotions. In any given scenario, it is the one who reacts faster who usually wins. And the one who reacts faster is the one who doesn’t care that much about the opponent. You must overcome your initial fear and reluctance to attack and go ahead with your instincts. Don’t think about the damage you’ll inflict and about what might happen next. If you’re in a situations that requires immediate response, the time for negotiations has long passed.

 Fast reaction is an acquired skill. You’re not born with it. You’re born with your survival instinct, but social norms, rules and laws will erode it. However, if you train quick-response strikes and counterattack moves into your body’s muscle memory, you will be able to fight back without hesitation. Hesitation comes from unfamiliarity, but regular training will teach you to react to any scenario with confidence and efficiency.

 Bottom line is: an effective fighter is not necessarily strong as it is in control of himself or herself. The point of no return, the point from which combat becomes inevitable, is when you want to move in full force “skipping” over the usual conflict buildup stages.

Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide 1

Situational awareness has five levels of intensity, ranging from complete ignorance to your surroundings to obsessive fear and panic that will render one unable to act. Of course, as with many things in life, it’s better to be somewhere in the high-middle echelons. Here are the five levels:

 Level 1: you’re completely “tuned out”, meaning you have no awareness of what’s around you. As far as you’re concerned, an armed guy might attack you there and then.
 Level 2: this is the lowest level of active awareness, but it won’t give you much of an advantage except noticing clear dangers coming your way.
 Level 3: At this point, you’re a bit more aware of what’s happening around you. You are focused, but if you’re not properly trained, you will tire quickly. This is where you need to start working on your situational awareness “stamina.”
 Level 4: This is a level of high alert. You are paying attention to each and every detail and nothing could surprise you. The adrenaline rush will keep you on your toes and will give you the edge.
 Level 5: This is the burnout phase. You are so shocked and afraid that you’re blocked. In this case you’re even more of a sitting duck than at Level 1.

Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide 1

Goes without saying that you should be always at Level 2 and ready to switch gear to 3 and 4. The most important thing is to be able to maintain a level of awareness, not simply achieve it.

In order to easily circulate between Levels 2, 3 and 4, you need to train. Training requires a bit of a paranoid attitude on your behalf at start, until your brain and your body gets used to it. This means looking at everything critically, even at the most basic things you run into on the street: building, people, roads. This doesn’t mean you have to attack people, but always be ready to react and don’t take anything for granted. In other words, fight your embedded assumption that everything is normal.

Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide 1

“This is, hands down, the most easy to use self-defence instructional guide I’ve ever seen. When we talk about preparedness, family safety is at the top of the list, and with Family Self Defence you get just that. It’s a complete system that will ensure your survival in the event of unexpected assault.”
Zack Alvan, editor Martial Arts Review
“Had no problems learning it. It’s easier than it sounds, and the video can’t be more straightforward. ”

Jessica S, Alabama
“We’ve been practising self-defence for a few years now, and there’s nothing like the confidence of being able to protect yourself and your family. “Family Self Defence” bridges a serious gap in people’s ability to be confident.

David K.
“We had our first “emergency” yesterday, and I was able to defend myself and my family. I love Family Self Defence!”

Keira D., Memphis, Tennessee
“When I first tried Family Self-Defence, I thought it would be way too complicated for me. Turns out I was wrong. I even showed the video to my cousin and 3 hours later we both knew we could walk downtown with no fear.”

Anthony G. , Berkeley, California
“I’m a big fan of the “prepper” TV shows… and it’s funny to see the rich guys with all their toys. This is something better than that, and always on hand, no matter what..”

Karl F. Smith
“My kid just defended himself against a bully, you should have seen the look on his face! This is awesome – everyone should have it!”

Tim L.
“He did a WONDERFUL job explaining how to defend myself in a simplified manner – even I as a woman can feel confident at night – YEAH! I said a prayer and thanked God for this training video!”

Janice Armstrong, L.V. Nevada
“Again, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wealth of information that is by far more valuable than money itself that you have shared and please know you are in our prayers and look forward to any additional “family defence” things that will help guide us through any rough passages.”

Bill and Molly Wells, Miami, FL

Here’s what you will discover when you enroll in the Family Self defence System:

        • Why you should almost never use your fist in a real fight (even trained martial artists make this mistake…punching the wrong way will result in serious injury to your hands and wrists…that is 100% avoidable!) There is an even better way that is far more devastating…quicker…and has practically no risk of hurting yourself at all!
        • The “lazy man’s” training method that I developed that allows you to master devastating moves even while you are just watching TV!
        • Vision Field Expansion – A covert way of expanding your senses so that you can see everything happening around you…this is vital if you are fighting with groups of people. Some people claim that it is similar to having eyes in the back of your head!
        • How to use the secret of the human body’s natural “fulcrums” to bring anyone to their knees…the devastating secrets of joint manipulation that allows even a 72 year old with arthritis and a weak grip to break arms…with a tiny “torque” of his wrist!
        • What never to do when a gun is pointed at you (most people don’t realize that it is different when a gun is pointed at you from a distance compared to when a gun is pressed directly into you)…and how to neutralize the enemy easily in both situations using a simple “2 second” move…even if you are lying on your bed and totally defenceless.
        • How to quickly take out violent mobs by using a few simple moves – this is one of the most common moves used by the bodyguards I train…because they often deal with crowds that can, and often do go wildly out of control.
        • The 1 thing to do when you are tied up – you’ll be able to free yourself without the enemy knowing about it.
        • A full detailed explanation on where the vulnerable spots on the body are – and how to use a ridiculously simple one finger takedown that will bring any opponent, of any size or weight…to his knees!
        • Plus: Your single best move in any fight– if you never learnt anything else from me…doing this will ensure you’ll survive almost any fight you’ll get into…even with trained fighters.

And a lot more…including information so sensitive I don’t dare to list them here.

Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide 1

Bottom line is, when you go through this program, and listen to what it says…

You’ll be able defend against any attacker,
or even multiple armed attackers…

…from any angle…even if you were sleeping on your bed, using nothing else except your hands and legs. You’ll be able to feel confident and in control all the time, and never fear getting attacked again

It will really be bad luck for them…as the unsuspecting criminal or group of thugs mistake you for just another easy target.

When the confidence in the robber’s eyes turns to shock, and then to fear…his mind goes blank…and pain envelopes him…his entire body collapses after getting hit once lightly in one of his “vulnerable spots”… his arm holding the gun gets twisted away from him and bent to an unnatural angle…

…almost to the point where it’s about to snap like a twig. His knees…cracked…his pathetic figure sprawled on the ground…begging for your forgiveness, promising that he will never do this to anyone ever again if you let him go.

Imagine how your family feels
safe and protected…

…as your kid stares up at you with admiration of a strong, protective parental figure.

You’ll be totally immune to the mobs, the criminals roaming the streets…because they will be falling like a deck of cards when you know the secrets to destroying a human body with just a few hits.

Just go through this DVD and do what I say and you’ll feel all your insecurity just melt away. No more sleepless nights, no more worrying about the gangs and criminals roaming on the streets.

In fact, here’s what I want you to do – just go through the first 10 minutes of the DVD… absorb it and take the time to understand what it says and when you’re done, try the technique taught in the first 10 minutes on anyone (do it gently of course) – and see how effective these techniques really are.

You’ll first be in shock…and then amazement… at how vulnerable the human body is, how easily it can be destroyed… and how you can exploit this to your advantage when you are in an emergency situation and need to do desperate things to protect your family.

Let me ask you a question –

How much is it worth to you to feel
like you have magical powers to
guarantee the safety of your family

… when the unthinkable happens.

Think of the other stuff you spend money on in home defence- the practically useless security systems to protect your family – the hours spent at the gun range, and time and effort locking up and caring for, carrying and buying weapons.

Ask yourself would it be worth even 10 dollars a day to have this kind of security?

If a genie came out of a bottle and said it will cost you 3,650 dollars, but he’ll give you total protection – is that a deal you would want to take?

The possibilities once you absorb this are endless, because there’s no-one else out there who is able or willing to share this stuff with you, or could share it with you in the first place.

But please, for your sake and mine, don’t even think about enrolling in this program and learning the uncensored truth about fighting unless you can cross your heart and promise me that you’ll only use this information for good, not to use it for malicious purposes

If you really thought about this and are willing to take a leap,

It’s time to get down to brass tacks…

I mean when you think about it, this is probably the most important thing you can do for your family…ensuring that they are safe and protected no matter what happens.

I’m charging 500 dollars an hour for private coaching, but you know what, this really isn’t about money for me… don’t get me wrong. I like getting paid for my work, but this is really about helping as many American families as I can, about protecting those you love from dangerous criminals.

So I hope you can hear from my voice, how passionate I am about this and how much I want this for you. So I’m not going to ask you to invest 500 dollars in this training, even though, I know it’s worth at least that. It won’t cost you 300 dollars, heck, it won’t even cost you 197 dollars , even though my private clients insist it’s the least I should offer this training for, because it’s so valuable.

Family self defence Download Full-SURVIVAL-Best self-defence instructional guide


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